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We are hoping to support GPs in Lambeth with the care of children and young people commonly presenting with mental health problems in primary care. We will start with the following areas of difficulty:

  1. behavioural problems in children (up to primary school age)
  2. self-harming behaviour in adolescents


To help guide this project, could you please rate your confidence with regards to the following

a. behavioural problems in primary school children

1.1. Isolating the main problem in a short consultation
a.1.a. Assessing risk
b.1.b. Finding appropriate resources for the patient and/or parent(s)/ carer(s)
c.1.c. Finding appropriate community provisions
d.1.d. If necessary to refer on, identifying the appropriate referral pathway
2.2. Please mark what would be most helpful to improve your management of behavioural problems in children (up to primary school age)?